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판매가격 견적문의
규격 KG

• Biolite-G

◈ Application

• To remove algae through feeding of 5~20ppm to freshwater zone, river, lake and pond where green algae occurs.

Product Specifications

• Natural inorganic materials : 100%

• Average particle size : 325 Mesh

• Specific gravity : 1.5

• Package : 20 Kg bag

◈ Function of Biolite-G

• Coagulation of green algae - precipitation action.

• Decomposition of COD, BOD, NH3, and other harmful materials.

• Water quality improvement and bottom purification (decomposition of organic materials in bottom) in freshwater zone, river, lake and pond.

◈ Controlling of water quality

• Apply 5-10ppm of Biolite before releasing shrimp in the pond.

• Apply 5-10ppm of Biolite when algae breaks out on a large scale.

• Apply 5-20ppm of Biolite, when aerobic micro organism propagates largely, to keep the balance.

• Apply 5-10ppm of Biolite, when pH or the concentration of salt can be changed, to keep thewater quality.

• ※ Apply different amount of the Biolite 101 according to the outbreak frequency of algae or the water quality of the tide pool.

◈ Purification of bottom sludge in the pond (Apply 5-20ppm)

• In case of high concentration of NH3, NO2, H2S.

• In case of bad odor or air bubble.

• In case of decomposition the excrement or remaining feed.

◈ Addition to the feed

• Blend 3-5g of Biolite 202 with 1kg of feed.

• Providing nutriment to the shrimp (Mineral, Vita mine, protein, amino acid, etc.)

• Promoting the growth of the shrimp keeping the the micro organism to a level in the intesstines.

• Helping detoxification, purification, the depression of the disease.

• Improving the tasty of the meat and growth weight.

◈ The method

• Spray Biolite 202 in the back of the aerator after activating the aerator in the tide pool.

• Spray Biolite 202 on the rear stern heading the boat.

The application in the shrimp cultivating farm

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